Saturday, November 10, 2012

Therabaqud Leic / Officina Magnetika Antonbrega - The Globe Corner

Label : Minus Habens, Italy
Ripped by Carlo


faraway said...

hi Carlo..thanx for posting this--it will be great if you could index the tracks(i know it`s a time consuming job-i do it all the time)>
I did index some of the tapes you posted here-just as i do like it with the proper info...thanx a lot again

carlomante said...

Dear faraway,
in this tape there's only one track on each side, and so I left the two sides unindexed. When I can, I separate the tracks, as I did in other occasions.
Thank you.

faraway said...

cool,i know you did it...right click on the track+propreties+summary and index writing name of band-name of track etc etc...otherwise it will come only as side a or side b,without any other info,thanx for replying me...are you italian by the way???

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.