Sunday, November 22, 2009

Big City Orchestra - Trail Of Destruction

Cassette, C60
Label : S.J. Organisation, France, 1987

S.J. Organisation has released two Big City Orchestra cassettes. I've discovered BCO through S.J. mail order catalogue. And I bought "Massacre Of The Innocents" and "Trail Of Destruction" cassettes in my first S.J. order... At that time, Pascal Dauzier was planning to release a Big City Orchestra / Gregory Whitehead split LP, that would have been the debut vinyl for both artists. That was never done and both artists unfortunately missed their vinyl career. Why the hell did BCO never had a vinyl career ? At least, a RRR LP should have been released...
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Tracklist :

A1. State Of Decay (26:23)
A2. Journey With The Blockheads (4:42)
B1. Desire Vs. Response (10:16)
B2. Visit With Pilgrims (10:42)
B3. Your Mine (9:55)


Art Of Losing said...

Hey, great post ! Thanx for this tape and the links.
Don't forget their site :
and the Mindwrecker' blog :
1000 mercis

Anonymous said...

Que al final se olvido dar las gracias por la BCO.
Gratxias Plenas, jeje.

Alex T said...

As usual, many thanks for this BCO release.
Alex T