Friday, November 13, 2009

Entre Vifs - Heavy Duty

Cassette, C60
Label : Cthulhu Records, Germany, 1989
Limited edition of 300 numbered copies

From Le Syndicat website :
"Due to a painful experience of censorship at the festival of new music DMA2 in Bordeaux (France), Le Syndicat decided to build his personal sound system.
Zorïn immerses himself in electronics and starts constructing "The MATRIX" : the electro metallic material intended to be used at the live appearances of Le Syndicat.
It is about an armada of objects over amplified by contact microphones, often discovered in the belly of a trashcan and designed to the manner of dangerous weapons : Low Tech electronic instruments, walkmans, multitrack tape recorders to cassettes used at the same time as samplers and mixing tables, racks of preamplifiers, distorters, ring modulators, delays. 800 meters of cables concentrated on 5 square meters.
The goal of the system was to be able to react as quickly as possible to everything that all other operator porduces. What they named "The reflex piloting", something that holds as much the fight sports or the instinctive monitoring of the other. This live version of Le Syndicat conceived by Zorïn became naturally his thing in 1986 : The bruitiste ensemble (Noisecraft band) ENTRE VIFS".

From inner sleeve :
"We began to build our Noise Complex (generators, switches, intermodulations, mixing) in 1985.
Our Sessions or Training meetings started in early 1986. Some were performed in front of a few selected listeners.
These live excerpts were recorded at our Noisecraft Workshop, Enghien (France).
The instruments used on these tracks are : the Rumbler, the Shriller, the Harrow, the Smashers, the Cracklers, the Screecher, the Rails.
Our voices are picked up by Laryngophones and processed by various distortion units".

Entre Vifs debut CD, "L'Ordre Par Le Bruit" (Artware, 1991), can be downloaded here.

A recent french radio show with an interview of Ruelgo (founding member of Le Syndicat) can be downloaded here.

And of course you can buy :
- Le Syndicat / Entre Vifs / Icon Zero / Ruelgo high quality CDrs on Le Syndicat website ;
- Le Syndicat "Timespace Losses 1982 / 1987" recent CD of early rarities here.


Anonymous said...

Deeply thanks Tristan,highly appreciated...
Any chances for Scent Of Strength at some moment?

tristan.koreya said...

i think i only have a flac version. i will post it later...

Anonymous said...

Hay alguien en esta vida que creo o defeco esa mierda, si es que llega a ese nivel. Pero lo peor de todo son las mentes trastornadas que lo compraron, y que despues de oirlo ¡lo siguen escuchando!. Sin mas preambulos descansen en paz, porque su cerebro ya se murio.

enborRa said...

Y a mi que me gusta......Entre Vifs.
Un beso

Anonymous said...

...seems that i got a bit lucky today,he-he,
or as they say,whoever searches,finds... ;-)

And again,a deep thanks for all that you've posted Tristan...
(plus one more 'thank you' to enborRa as well)

Gods And Beasts said...

Le Syndicat / Minamata / Cents Ans De Solitude / Nocturne - Live in Tours (France) - 10 April 2010