Thursday, November 19, 2009

Schlafengarten - Dance / Trance

Cassette, C30
Label : S.J. Organisation, France, 1986

As the side titles suggest, one side is dance music, the other side is trance music.
More Schlafengarten here and here.

Tracklist :

The Danse Side
A1. No Time (2:58)
A2. City (3:21)
A3. Schlaf Rap (3:40)
A4. Danse (3:48)
The Trance Side
B1. Minimal Afternoon (10:41)
B2. Loupe (4:59)


doc kwan said...

THANK YOU so much TK!! Schlafengarten is so sadly overlooked and has released some all too brief K7s of sheer NWW inspired dadaesque madness from behind the redwood curtain of Northern California. Shards of Beauty has a couple of tapes posted for those who like this. I haven't heard this one yet so I'm really excited to hear what this unpredictable offering might sound like.

Anonymous said...

thanks! :-)