Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Grief - Huis Clos

12" + LP
Label : Les Nourritures Terrestres, France, 1987
Ripped by paphio23

"Huis Clos" is a double vinyl boxset that saw The Grief becoming more experimental ; it contains minimal and repetitive tracks as well as more rythmic and even danceable ones.
The "Huis Clos" master tapes were accidentally erased and these recordings have never been rereleased on CD (only two tracks were re-recorded for the "Au-Delà" CD - posted here a few months ago).
Norscq is selling the last copies of "Huis Clos" original boxset on his website. Click on the NORSCQ's O and enjoy the sound of vinyl !

Tracklist :

A. Bloodthirsty Bessie (Strangler One) (6:33)
B. Bloodthirsty Bessie (Strangled One) (6:51)
C1. Entre Temps (3:41)
C2. Huis Clos (8:20)
C3. Sakna (4:02)
C4. Search For Key (4:01)
D1. Après Coup (5:26)
D2. Giving Way To... (4:39)
D3. Kyn (6:24)
D4. A Morgun (2:48)


Anonymous said...

Thx a lot for this great record, now I can listen wherever I want and leave the vinyl in the shelf....

Anonymous said...

Thanks la lot :)
Just the one i am missing...