Sunday, September 28, 2008

Désaccord Majeur - Thétys

Label : Play Loud, Portugal, 1994

"Thétys" is the only Désaccord Majeur CD that is not available on the band's site. All others can be purchased here.

Tracklist :

1. Nerval (8:38)
2. Raga (11:26)
3. Erg (12:04)
4. Hopi (6:42)
5. Yake (13:02)
6. Iban (12:03)
7. Missa (1:29)


doc kwan said...

hello again tristan.koreya, I thought I'd move my DM comments over here since there have been none so far. I wrote to Jerome at DM, his reply copy & paste:

thanks a lot to have a direct interest in d.m. music.
Very sorry about your request but i've sold the last copy of Tri-bu 4
in Russia there is some days
and "La thйorie du chaos" is sold out since a long time without any new
I am working in some new tracks for a very limited edition on
transparent vinyl. To be continued...

All the best

jйrфme / dйsaccord majeur

I also noticed that you submitted the entry in Discogs for "La thйorie du chaos" (unless there's another tristan.koreya). So with the sad news that I missed out on the last copy of triblu 4, I hope you will reconsider posting this cassette. Since discovering this music a few months ago I managed to buy copies of everything I can find including these 2 DM titles you posted here. Hopefully he'll consider reissuing "La thйorie du chaos" on CDR, I can't wait for his new stuff!!
Thanks again & peace, Paul

tristan.koreya said...

the only version of tri-bu 4 i have is a soulseek download with a poor quality but i've posted it for you doc kwan. i don't have "la théorie du chaos" and would be very happy to hear it myself.