Saturday, September 13, 2008

Geins't Naït / Permis De Construire - Interview [Radio Broadcast Series #2]

Exclusive recordings, France, 1989

Geins't Naït (featuring Laurent Petitgand) will be performing live in Paris on october 11th 2008 at "L'Étrange Musique - Acte 2" festival, Maison Des Métallos, with Double Nelson, Étant Donnés, Ilitch and Palo Alto.
So I thought that was the right time for a few Geins't Naït posts...
Geins't Naït was a duo (Vincent Hachet & Thierry Merigout) from Nancy, France, whose records were released on the Permis De Construire label, from Nancy as well.
That first post is a double exclusive interview of Geins't Naït (Thierry Merigout) and Permis De Construire (Richard Franoux). The Permis De Construire side features unreleased tracks by Geins't Naït and Laurent Pernice...

Update (2009) : another Geins't Naït interview recorded after the concert at L'Étrange Musique festival can be downloaded here.

More Geins't Naït releases to download :
A Consommer Sans Modération
L'Or'N Cät

More Permis De Construire releases to download :
Candidate / Gangrène - Untitled
Garbage Collector - Untitled
Kod - Untitled
Laurent Pernice - Détails
Muslimgauze - Coup D'Etat
Nox - Acte I - Back To The Roots!
Nox - Crowd
Nox - Killin' Drive Power
Nox - Live At The Manufacture
PGR - Cyclone Par L'Immobile Habité
Tara Cross - Tempus Fugit
Zero Kama - The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.LA.H.

Tracklist :

A. Geins't Naït - Interview (3:50)
B. Permis De Construire - Interview (24:26)


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