Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Voodoo Muzak - Blunt

Label : Amanita, France, 1991

Voodoo Muzak were from Bayonne but considered as belonging to the Bordeaux scene. Originated as a duo, they later became a bigger band. Blunt is the duo's first LP. More infos here.
And more RWA / Voodoo Muzak here.

Tracklist :

A1. Crux (1:29)
A2. Define (2:05)
A3. Toast To Love (1:22)
A4. Blood Meat And Flesh (1:43)
A5. Headkick (3:32)
A6. Your Role (3:47)
A7. Wolves (2:43)
A8. Cracklings (1:51)
B1. Assault Victims (2:55)
B2. Our Need (3:30)
B3. Edge (3:09)
B4. Break Out (2:56)
B5. Murder Sites (2:16)
B6. Wax (2:07)
B7. Puanteur (2:43)

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