Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Discipline / Sebastian Gandera - Schizophrenic Dreams

Cassette, C60
Label : Mindscan, UK, 1988
Ripped by Mors Mea

Obscure but excellent tape released by cassette label Mindscan run by Robert Maycock, a former member of Satori (Margate, UK). Discipline is a band from the same town. This seems to be their only release. Great music sounding a bit like Bourbonese Qualk. Sebastian Gandera, from North-East France, is one of those French minimal modern classical artists who appeared at the end of the eighties. This tape seems to be his very first one.

Tracklist :

A1. Discipline - Hopes Are Foiled (3:47)
A2. Discipline - Hands Free (5:52)
A3. Discipline - Headfucked (4:16)
A4. Discipline - Desire (5:22)
A5. Discipline - No Retreat (8:26)
B1. Sebastian Gandera - Le Départ (1:22)
B2. Sebastian Gandera - La Visite Au Musée (3:26)
B3. Sebastian Gandera - Derrière Cette Grille Rouillée (3:36)
B4. Sebastian Gandera - Le Peintre Suspendu (2:47)
B5. Sebastian Gandera - L'Automne À Genou (3:42)
B6. Sebastian Gandera - La Destinée Du Journaliste (4:47)
B7. Sebastian Gandera - Le Cortège (3:45)
B8. Sebastian Gandera - Un Rêve (5:12)

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sorry for offtop but i dream to hear Victor/Im's solo tapes. if you can help that will make my life better!