Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Various Artists - Insomnia Vol. 2

Cassette, 2 x C60
Label : We Never Sleep, US, 1988
Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies
Ripped by Rainier

A few months ago, I've posted the CD edition of Insomnia Vol. 1 compilation. Insomnia Vol. 2 has never been re-released on CD. And it's difficult to understand why...

Tracklist :

A1. Matt Heckert - Survival Research Laboratories Soundtracks Revisited
B1. Greater Than One - Funk It
B2. Greater Than One - The Rose, The Cross And The Flag
B3. Greater Than One - Crisis
B4. Greater Than One - London Bridge & Mother Kelly
C1. Hunting Lodge - Rust Scraper
C2. Hunting Lodge - Hear You Knockin'
C3. Hunting Lodge - Rip You To Shreds
C4. Hunting Lodge - Carnivora!
C5. Hunting Lodge - Encore Re-Call
D1. Human Head Transplant - Funeral For A King
D2. Human Head Transplant - Opera Of Ennui
D3. Human Head Transplant - Water
D4. Human Head Transplant - Kubla Khan
D5. Human Head Transplant - Colleen
D6. Human Head Transplant - The End Of It



Insomnia Vol. 1 is no longer available on Rapidshare. Could you re-upload? Thank you.

Psyence Guy said...

the dude approves, thanks

tristan.koreya said...

i won't be able to re-upload it before april, so please be patient...

icepick method said...

Great compilation/split. Strong material from every band. Only up to the C side so far but not a dull moment.

PBK said...

It's a great set I have had in my collection for over twenty years. All wonderful, but the Matt Heckert stuff is really awesome!

Anonymous said...

HHT on side D play only 2 track :(

killingtheteratoma said...

File not found :( If you ever reload this can you please let me know. I would love to hear the Matt Heckert stuff.