Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Sodality - Beyond Unknown Pleasures

Label : Verba Corrige, Italy, 1994

I'm not very much into power electronics, though Con-Dom is a longtime favourite of mine. For me, "Beyond Unknown Pleasures" by Italian act The Sodality is one of the best releases in that genre, and one of my favourite records ever. That's an incredibly powerful masterpiece, when most power electronics records just use the same cheap noises, screams and provocative ideas...
That CD version includes the re-release of "Beyond Unknown Pleasures" LP (1987) and "Orgies Of Crime" 12" (1988), first released by Aquilifer Sodality.

Tracklist :

1. They Never Learn (6:22)
2. I Can't Stand A Bitchy Chick (5:10)
3. Catch The Whore (3:57)
4. I Want Your Blood (4:35)
5. The Kiddie Eater (5:17)
6. Fuck Mastery (1:55)
7. The Younger The Better (4:10)
8. Beyond Unknown Pleasures (6:06)
9. Orgies Of Crime (7:51)
10. And So You Shall (4:17)


El Atelier del Efectista said...

Love The Sodality... too bad they didn't release more albums.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Andrea, the nice bloke behind the Sodality and founder of Aquilifer Sodality ? If you ever read this, please get in touch? I'd love to hear from ya again, mate.
Pascal from SJ Organisation

Anonymous said...

The Sodality has reunited just for an amazing festival in Rome, Italy!


All the details here: