Monday, February 15, 2010

IOSS - Corrupted Bellybuster

Cassette, C45
Label : Midas Music, The Netherlands, 1988
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies

The first Jos Smolders cassettes were released under the IOSS name and are still his best releases in my opinion. Find more of his early experimental electro-acoustic music here :
Yes Yes Oh Yes
Mama - Study Of A Human Tongue
Junkie On Hiss Snag


soundhead said...

Nice, merci

Anonymous said...

You would be the only one I can find that may have this. Have you the 'les electriques' compilation that had Tango luger on it? If so, would you post it. I would be very grateful


tristan.koreya said...

unfortunately i don't have that comp. maybe somenone reading us has it ?

Anonymous said...

..That's o.k. Perhaps it will surface someday. Thanks anyways :)