Thursday, July 3, 2008

Various Artists - Ohrenschmalz

Label : Unclean Production, Germany, 1991
Limited edition of 999 copies

First release of Unclean Production label run by Oliver Strahl, member of the band Phallus Dei that makes his first vinyl appearance here.

Tracklist :

A1. Unclean Prod. - Introduction (1:19)
A2. Human Flesh - Hymn For A Dark Future (2:31)
A3. Mental Destruction - Metamorphoses (4:16)
A4. Sigillum S - Cancer Upon Focus (5:52)
A5. Mental Measuretech - Turtle Recall (2:58)
A6. Nightmare Lodge - Il Tocco Pneumatico (3:25)
A7. Brighter Death Now - Death Appeal (2:02)
A8. Masonna - Like A Vagina 90 (1:47)
B1. Controlled Bleeding - Fat Hacker Pt. 1-3 (5:32)
B2. Phallus Dei - Masturbation Overkill (7:01)
B3. Merzbow - No 3-10 Max (8:47)
B4. Genocide Organ - Und Sie Hatten Noch Die Frechheit Zu Weinen (7:57)


greenrabbit said...

Hey, nice music blog that you have, thanks for share.

This is a EXCELLENT compilation, many thanks. I have one question. Do you have the Album of Mental Measuretech "Songs from Neuropa"? im looking for this one. if there is any body outhere that could help me, i appreciate.

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and the music Blog that im colaborator:

tristan.koreya said...

thanks for your comments and blog adresses.
i have "songs for neuropa" but i fear i can't post it, as it's still available there:
hope that helps you anyway...

Oliver St. Lingam said...

My first release with Phallus Dei was on tape in 1988, years before this compilation. ;-)