Friday, July 25, 2008

Various Artists - Zondig

Label : Midas Music, The Netherlands, 1988
Limited edition of 500 numbered copies

Tracklist :

A1. Post Destruction Music - Requiem (3:59)
A2. THU20 - Eerste Uni (4:10)
A3. Club Moral - L'Age d'Or No. 2 (Soundtrack AMVK Videoclock) (6:01)
A4. Merzbow - Fission/Dialogue (4:53)
A5. The Haters - Forto (2:07)
A6. Generated Progression - Armageddon (4:40)
B1. Luis Mesa - Geminis (2:58)
B2. Blackhouse - Satan & His Demons 2 (4:26)
B3. Odal - Death Jungle (4:38)
B4. 6de Kolonne - Destroy All Sinners (4:43)
B5. Étant Donnés - Le Coeur Sert Le Corps 2 (3:24)
B6. Dva Met Dva Nichts - Wicca (2:52)
B7. Prilius Lacus - Ich Liebe Dich Schwein (3:06)


Anonymous said...

There is a movie about Divergences Divisions 5 to be downloaded here (among many other interesting videos : Eric Cordier,etc) :

Spirito Bono.

tristan.koreya said...

thank you for the info !!!
i've added the links to the DMA2 post i made a few weeks ago.

hogon said...

also, regarding DMA...

can we hope for Natural Disasters tape anytime soon?

hogon said...

ha ha ha

i am such a dipstick.
ignore the previous post.

and thank you very much :)

tristan.koreya said...

i have more natural disasters (demo) tapes. i will post in the future if you wish hogon...

hogon said...

yess, the hell i'm interested !

and if YOU are interested - i'll post on my blog some more obscure hugarian industrial acts from the interior like Trezor and Gustav Mahler Band :]

do you have early Bpest Service tapes or Art Deco ? or some more hungarians / commies / eastern-europeans ?

tristan.koreya said...

yes more hungarian bands would be wellcome, especially Art Deco !