Monday, July 21, 2008

Various Artists - Journey Into Pain

4 x Cassette
Label : Statutory Tape, US, 1992

Tracklist :

A1. New Blockaders / Organum - Homage To Tatlin (Part 1) (15:14)
A2. PGR - Setting Free (3:56)
A3. P16.D4 - Sentiment & Frohsinn (4:39)
B1. Hélène Sage - Mystic Terrorism (7:39)
B2. Merzbow - Invisible Tatara (Excerpt 1 & 2) (5:56)
B3. SBOTHI - Heavy Birds Always Drop (1:42)
B4. The Haters - Journey Into Pain (4:24)
B5. Asmus Tietchens - Vierter Stahlgeist (6:59)
C1. Hijo Kaidan - 5 Years On (14:43)
C2. The Boredoms - We Are The Law!! (6:04)
C3. Hanatarash - We Are Hard Core!! (7:03)
D1. John Duncan - Live At Anti Club 1/9/86 (27:43)
E1. The Gerogerigegege - Super Mind Age (1:33)
E2. The Gerogerigegege - Live At Good Man (8:17)
E3. The Gerogerigegege - Noise (5:45)
E4. Masonna - Deaqij Bo Riotrk (0:47)
E5. Masonna - Jklidk (0:44)
E6. Masonna - Spewkrm Alitd (0:50)
E7. Masonna - Qppipt Bqom (0:51)
E8. Masonna - Holiday In The Sun (0:51)
E9. Incapacitants - No Bank (Excerpt) (9:38)
F1. Odal - Asoma (11:33)
F2. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Viskoser Tod / La Mort Visqueuse (12:07)
G1. Kallabris - Balbur (6:36)
G2. Muslimgauze - Iran (6:14)
G3. Function Disorder - My Time (2:33)
G4. Autopsia - Does The Knife Cry When It Enters The Skin (7:20)
H1. Cranioclast - "Play It Again, Erich!" (6:38)
H2. Frank Dommert - Das Leben In Sulz (9:20)
H3. Asmus Tietchens - Unter Der Vier (4:41)
H4. Core - Lavirr A Departure (6:24)


doc kwan said...

WOW!! I've been hoping someone would post this!! Thanks for making me aware of your blog via The Thing On The Doorstep and your Cranioclast directions. I REALLY appreciate your index of links to other kindred blogs' posts of long unavailable recordings for us to enjoy. Bless you for sharing. Thanks again & again & PEACE!

doc kwan said...

By the way, any chance you have any of the Bad Alchemy cassettes to post? ESPECIALLY #8 with Cranioclast!! Anyone else reading know where there might be any posts? Thanks again & peace.

tristan.koreya said...

thanks for the kind words...
unfortunately i don't have any of the bad alchemy comp tapes, and the #8 is the only comp featuring cranioclast i miss !
anyway, you can find #6 here:
ask continuo, maybe he has some more...

doc kwan said...

THANKS!! There are copies of the BA#8 cassette for sale at Discogs, but the Euro is so strong to the USD that it is far too much for me to buy at the moment, perhaps it is not for you. Your link to #6 is greatly appreciated, I'm going to check it out now...

soundhead said...

this is brutal....


W. said...

Another fantastic post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can you re-up tapes #1 and #3 please? Thanks!