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Before becoming a famous CD label, Staalplaat was Staaltape, starting in the early eighties as a cassette label, whose "Documentatie Serie" offered both live and studio recordings. Some of these tapes were later rereleased on CD, such as those by NON (ST 00H), The Hafler Trio (ST 00K), :zoviet-france: (ST 00L), Chris & Cosey (ST 00N) or Ain Soph (ST 00Z).
Many Staaltape cassettes can be downloaded on various blogs ; I've decided to post some of the missing titles...

Here is the list of Staaltape releases - with download links for those available on blogs :

Documentatie Serie :

ST 00A : Laibach - Through The Occupied Netherlands [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00B : Last Few Days - So The Last Shall Be First And The First Last For Many Be Called But Few Chosen. [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00B : Sleep Chamber - Live At The Air Station [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00C : Various - Propagandum [DOWNLOAD / DOWNLOAD]
ST 00D : Nocturnal Emissions - The Fight Goes On [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00E : Z'EV - 50 Gates [DOWNLOAD / DOWNLOAD]
ST 00F : Current 93 / Nurse With Wound - NL Centrum-Amsterdam [DOWNLOAD / DOWNLOAD]
ST 00G : Club Moral - Untitled [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00H : NON - Sick Tour [DOWNLOAD / DOWNLOAD CD Re-release]
ST 00I : Étant Donnés - L'Eclipse [DOWNLOAD / DOWNLOAD]
ST 00J : Laibach - Ein Schauspieler [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00K : The Hafler Trio - Dislocation [BUY CD Re-release]
ST 00L : :zoviet-france: - Loh Land [DOWNLOAD CD Re-release / BUY CD Re-release]
ST 00M : Nurse With Wound & The Hafler Trio - Hit Again! [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00N : Chris & Cosey - Allotropy [BUY MP3 Re-release]
ST 00O : Ende Shneafliet - Untitled [DOWNLOAD / BUY Vinyl Re-release]
ST 00P : The Master Musicians Of Joujouka / Brion Gysin - Back In No Time (2 x cassettes + book) [DOWNLOAD Brion Gysin Cassette]
ST 00P : The Master Musicians Of Joujouka - Recorded Live In France [DOWNLOAD / DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD]
ST 00R : Merzdow Shek - Suicide In America & Bavarian Aquarels [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00S : Savage Republic - Live At The Melkweg 25.9.87 [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00T : Enrico Piva - Double Bind [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00V : S·Core - Pretension [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00W : Mission Papua Holland - Son Geng [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00X : Von Magnet - El Sexo Sur Realista [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00Y : Sprung Aus Den Wolken - You Lucky Star (One Big Family) [DOWNLOAD]
ST 00Z : Ain Soph - Ain Soph [DOWNLOAD CD Re-release]

Confrontation Serie :

N°1 : Decode - De Nachtloop [DOWNLOAD]
N°2 : Zirkus Beckmans - Kreaturen Der Hiesigen Epoche [DOWNLOAD]
N°3 : Yntse Vuchts - Akte Moderne
N°4 : Tim Benjamin & Ronald Heiloo & Harold Schellinx - Iörmungandur [DOWNLOAD]
N°? : Denise Anken, Michel Banabila, Mohammed Beztati, Piet Lichtveld, Hans Meyer, Richard ZijlstraOriginal Places
N°6 : Cora - Ei Blot Til Lyst [DOWNLOAD]

Others :

Current 93 & Nurse With Wound - Mi-Mort [DOWNLOAD / DOWNLOAD]
Het Zweet / Forced Run - Untitled [DOWNLOAD]
Het Zweet - Fase [DOWNLOAD / DOWNLOAD]
History Of Unheard Music - History Of Unheard Music [DOWNLOAD]
Martin Hall - Inscription


Curious Guy said...

Confrontation N°4 can be found here:

And thanks for the very interesting posts as well :)

tristan.koreya said...

thank you for the message. i've fixed the link.

soundhead said...

your posts have been so great.....

433 RPM said...

great blog on staalplaat. are you looking for missing numbers? i may have some, like ende shneafliet and bryon gyson


tristan.koreya said...

all missing titles are welcome of course ! i've got a mp3 version of Ende Shneafliet but didn't post it because i'm not sure it's complete. Brion Gysin cassette is very rare and i'd love to hear hear it. and weren't you supposed to post the two Laibach cassettes ?... ;)

433 RPM said...

the gysin tape is here:
but it's only the joujouka musicians. i will rip the gysin part. i can't scan the entire booklet however.
ST OOU doesn't exist, I asked Staalplaat, to whom I have good contact with the founder.
I see i don't have ende shneafliet either anymore, and laibach i will do myself indeed.

tristan.koreya said...

thank you !!!

Jorge Stretcher said...

Jorge Stretcher said...

Another One...

tristan.koreya said...

many thanks !!!

zyklon-boy said...

i found on slsk some time ago the ST 00D nocturnal emissions tape.

here you are

tristan.koreya said...

thanks zyklon-boy !!!
i've made a post with the link.