Saturday, June 7, 2008

Club Moral - Untitled

Cassette, C60
Label : Staaltape, The Netherlands, 1985

Tracklist :

A1. Oorlog (4:04)
A2. Nazis Of The Night (7:40)
A3. Piggy (4:19)
A4. Hail To The Black Prince (5:45)
A5. Felix Culpa (6:43)
B1. Dedicated To (Thee Book) (3:31)
B2. Felix Culpa (L'enfer Est Intime) (5:39)
B3. Now I Step On You (Europa 2) (6:24)
B4. 6 Phallus / Orgasm (Phallophories) (3:52)
B5. Felix Culpa (Live) (Headphone Remix) (6:40)


Anonymous said...

Club Moral plays at the Holland Festival in Paradiso, Amsterdam on 17th june 2008.

W. said...

This is good but there's an even better, more demented version of Club Moral's "Nazi's Of The Night" on the Recloose "Live Series" cassette (along with performances by the beautiful Royal Family & The Poor and the mighty Het Zweet). I'm looking forward to it.

Recloose also issued a Picture Disc compilation that might have been called "Songs From The New International". I can't verify this, it must be rare because I can't find info on the internet about it. I love to hear it as well.

Great Blog, Cheers.

tristan.koreya said...

don't worry, i will post "live series 2" as soon as possible...
and maybe "songs from the new international" ( as well...

W. said...

Those would be brilliant!

Thanks for the link to "Songs From The New International", it has a fine selection of artists.

Keep up the good work!