Friday, October 9, 2020

Triptic Of A Pastel Fern - 2nd Jefferson Blythe

Cassette, C50
Label : Self-released, US, 1988
Ripped by Shane English (Youtube channel : heliae)

Tracklist :

A1. Emphasis Crelm (7:48)
A2. Alpha Nightclub (5:41)
A3. Warring (1:22)
A4. An Popular Aberration (3:19)
A5. Prelude To A Buzz (1:57)
A6. A Buzz (0:58)
A7. Surrounded By Shine (1:28)
A8. Nifty (1:36)
B1. Slower Than Sound (0:45)
B2. F Boat Bill (With The Assured Concent Of Grady Turner) (0:39)
B3. Script For A. Bourgeois (2:32)
B4. Two Classical Jefferson Cupids Hanging From 100..99..98.. (5:45)
B5. Semi-inf. Improv, II (3:56)
B6. Dragged Up Mounds (0:59)
B7. Andrew's Drums (2:05)
B8. Big Nine (4:26)
B9. Jellybean In The Pocket (By John Stoner) (3:21)

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