Sunday, October 25, 2020

Static Effect - Tower Of Iron

Cassette, 2xC60
Label : Swinging Axe Productions, US, 1989
Ripped by Shane English (Youtube channel : heliae)

Static Effect is Randy Greif + Mikhail Bohonus.
"These recordings were performed spontaneously and were unrehearsed".

Tracklist :

A1. Untitled (5:56)
A2. Untitled (11:52)
A3. Untitled (12:52)
B1. Untitled (18:08)
B2. Untitled (11:51)
C1. Untitled (21:43)
C2. Untitled (7:45)
D1. Untitled (13:26)
D2. Untitled (5:08)
D3. Untitled (11:16)


Anonymous said...

Randy Greif is always great! May You post his Screaming Dukduks project?

Vaykorus said...


badgerstump said...

WTF be going on? Today I thought I'll post some Static Effect today and lamented never hearing Tower Of Iron ... damn. I'll post those Dukduk tapes tomorrow as well ... they have been sitting in draft form for too long ...

Anonymous said...

Terrific, thanks for this. I don't suppose you could post Greif's Easy Green Proof, The Barnacles Inside or Dirt Crawl Blues? All super-rare.