Saturday, January 7, 2017

Ian Elms - Good Night

Label : Squid Marks Time, UK, 1982
Ripped by Carlo

Tracklist :

A1. The Street Enters The House (2:37)
A2. Overthere Comes Overhere (2:34)
A3. A Tunnel With Curves (2:28)
A4. Surrounded By Trees (2:15)
A5. A Light Moves Across Curtains (3:28)
A6. Weightless (2:31)
A7. No Longer (2:28)
B1. Running In The Dark (4:09)
B2. Moving In The Rain (2:22)
B3. On A Beach Lost At Sea (2:07)
B4. The End Of The Road (1:09)
B5. And Fall Asleep (1:43)
B6. An Empty Corridor (2:20)
B7. Outwards And Across (3:10)
B8. Goodnight (2:42)

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