Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Eugene Bowen - Bourgeois Magnetic

Label : Cantil, US, 1981
Ripped by Carlo

Tracklsit :

A1. Tourmaline (1:56)
A2. Desert's Edge (2:40)
A3. A Bride And Her Bachelor (cinematic image: 4 p.m. e.L.A.) (4:29)
B1a. Bourgeois Magnetic / B1b. The Phase Of A Dynasty (6:43)
B2. Amethyst (1:09)


Crash The Driver said...

A wonderful, eclectic record. Harold Budd fans will be especially thrilled to hear these early pieces, but Bowen was a talent in his own right. Thanks for posting-this was new to me!

James P. said...

I never heard of this artist, but the first and last songs with Harold Budd are really marvellous, and seem to be taken directly "From Brussels With Love" double LP [or from "The Serpent in Quicksilver" EP].
Thank you.
James P.