Friday, September 26, 2014

The Legenday Pink Dots - Premonitions

Label : Unofficial release, Russia
Ripped by Carlo

Carlo has recently bought that CDr in Russia. This is a compilation of most LPD "Premonition" tracks, whose two first ones appeared on the "Premonition" cassette posted a few days ago on that blog.
Listen / download / buy more Legendary Pink Dots and Edward Ka-Spel releases here and here.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your hard work! ...I'm not sure if it's only my problem or..but during unrar [archive is damaged / checksum error] occurred

broken files:
Premonition 12 - QED.mp3
Premonition 12 - Stained Glass Soma Fountains.mp3
Premonition 13.mp3
Premonition 15.mp3
Premonition 18.mp3
Premonition 25.mp3
Premonition 28.mp3
Premonition 33.mp3
Premonition 34.mp3
Premonition 39.mp3
Premonition 40.mp3

Anonymous said...

I'm prompted for a password after downloading

Thaumaturgist said...

I concur, rar file is corrupt, and no recovery record included in rar file, therefore repair of corrupt archive impossible.

After trying a few different approaches i managed to get all files decompressed, but viewing within a wave editor showed obvious corruption of several individual files.


When creating a rar file, right click the file and select "add to archive". Tick the box that says 'put recovery record' and tick the box that says 'test archived files'...then click 'ok'.

Once rar file is written, test it manually by unraring it prior to uploading to the cloud server. If the rar flie is ok at this point,
then one can assume corruption is occuring either during upload or at the cloud server itself.

Hope this helps

W. said...

I've tried several times now and I alos can't get all the files.
I hope it gets sorted because it's such an interesting collection.

Thaumaturgist said...

Many thanks for re-up

File 10 still came up as corrupt, but this was able to be repaired 100% because of included recovery record

This would suggest corruption problem is not due to the uploader,
more likely an internet or cloud server issue.

If anyone is unsure how to conduct
repair of corrupt rar file, here is how to do it:

Double left click the rar file which will open the Winrar window

From the top menu

Commands>Repair Archive

Browse to folder you where you wish the repaired archive to be written, then click OK

tristan.koreya said...

thank you Thaumaturgist for your help !