Monday, September 8, 2014

Freiband - Live @ De Appel, November 2nd 2002

Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#50], Ivory Coast, 2004

"On the 2nd of November 2002 we loaded everything into a van: our equipment to play a concert as Wander, to do small improvised concerts, wallpaper, Extrapool's sound installation and unloaded everything at De Appel, a prestigious art thing in Amsterdam. Extrapool was asked to present itself and their Brombron residency that I curated along with label presentations of En/Of and Meeuw. We stuck our wallpaper on the wall, set up the sound system in the early afternoon. There was a DJ spinning some records, there were small impromptu concerts by Jaap Blonk, Matthijs Kouw and me. In the evening, up stairs V/VM played and Wander closed the nocturnal event. That ending was shit. People drunk, people talking, we were asked to play even quieter; music got lost in there. How much different that was from the afternoon. After we set up, the DJ had not yet arrived and I filled the space up with some impromptu Freiband music. Unannounced I played for about an hour, using field recordings and many samples from the Brombron release by Stephan Mathieu and Ekkehard Ehlers, who by then were in the process of getting remixes done for which I was invited. Normally a Freiband concert is well prepared and I play one or two pieces that have a more or less fixed composition. Not so here. For various moments in here, things would run by itself, and I would talk with people, although not a lot where present in this early hour. A totally different concert for once".
Frans de Waard

Tracklist :

1. Live @ De Appel, November 2nd 2002 (50:44)

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