Sunday, May 11, 2014

Various Artists - Strategie Possibili

2xCassette, C40
Label : Discipline Produzioni, Italy
Limited edition of 140 numbered copies
Ripped by Carlo

"Strategie Possibili" is a double compilation cassette, two tapes each with single cover, and put together just with a piece of twine / cord. That post is the first of the two cassettes.

Tracklist :

A1. Nightmare Lodge - Debemur Mortis Nos Nostraque
A2. Nightmare Lodge - Each Element Of The Laboratory...
A3. The Black Flowers - Vomit
A4. The Black Flowers - Morire
B. Sebastian Gandera - Un Soir... (Pts. 1-4)
C1. A Gethsemani - Dans Le Desert De Leur Presence
C2. Esruk - Sinking 1 & 2
D1. Esruk - Sinking 3 & 4
D2. L.a.s.'s Crime - Prelude Flattering Words
D3. L.a.s.'s Crime - Interlude Hypochromatik
D4. L.S.D. - The Sea Of Noise

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Thomas said...

Thank you.
I'd like to hear also the second tape.