Monday, September 30, 2013

Vox Populi! - Aither +

Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#36], Ivory Coast, 2013

Last months have been a prolific period for Vox Populi! re-releases, as will be next ones. After "La Cathédrale Morte" (net-release), "Ébats Spirituels" (net-release), "Half Dead Ganja Music" (LP), here is the net-re-release of "Aither", the second Vox Populi! LP from 1989, with 3 unreleased tracks from the same period, all remastered by Axel Kyrou in 2013. "Aither" sounds like a synthesis of the different music styles the band has developed during the 1980s. It was originally released by Visa, a famous french independant label, and some of the tracks were included on the "1987-1990" CD released by Infrastition in 2008, but the entire album is available again for the first time.
More is coming. Very soon will be released "Funk Off" (CD), a compilation of early 80s tracks by Vox Populi! and Pacific 231. And finally, in the fall of 2014, Vinyl-on-demand will release a Vox Populi! vinyl boxset (2LP + 7" for members) with 130 minutes of music from the 1982-1988 period, including their complete first LP "Myscitismes" from 1985.
Again I want to warmly thank Axel and Mitra for their inspiring music and their generous politics of sharing.

Tracklist :

1. Djamileh (4:47)
2. Tik & Tics (3:36)
3. Le Nénuphare (2:48)
4. Narme-Air (4:08)
5. A Cup Of Tea For Suzuki (4:14)
6. Zen-Dub (3:22)
7. Allo Rechte (1:19)
8. Homo Religiosis (2:13)
9. Akasha (7:47)
10. Herrvoragende (2:18)
11. Narguile Toundra / La Grande Plante Fibreuse (5:47)
12. Aither Suite Part 1 (3:59)
13. Aither Suite Part 2 (1:43)
14. Aither Suite Part 3 (1:36)


As always when I post something by Vox Populi!, here is the list of all their releases, available for free download or in physical format :

Physical releases available on blogs for free download :
Introduction À La Théorie De La Subjectivité Relative [Cassette, 1982]
Ectoplasmies [7", 1983]
La Cathédrale Morte [Cassette, 1985]
Myscitismes [LP, 1985]
Untitled (Imaginaires) [Cassette, 1985]
Sucre De Pastèque [Cassette, 1986]
Ébats Spirituels [Cassette, 1986]
Half Dead Ganja Music [Cassette, 1987]
Untitled (Créations Alternatives) [Cassette, 1988]
Aither [LP, 1989]
Face To Face Vol. 2 [LP, 1989]
Cthulhu Revisitation [CD, 2007]
1987-1990 [CD, 2008]

Available on the Internet only :
The Teen Recordings [1979-1981]
Open Skies [1986 / 1990]
Live, Excalibur, Paris [29th March 1988]
Neynarea [1988-1996]
Best Of Vox Populi! + Ethnyc [1985-1993]
Valley Of Capsules Plays Vox Populi! [2012]
La Cathédrale Morte [Remastered, 2012]
Ébats Spirituels [Remastered and Augmented, 2013]

Physical releases you can buy :
Cthulhu Revisitation [CD, 2007]
1987-1990 [CD, 2008]
Soft Entrance To Nature's Camino De Luz [Mini CD / FLAC, 2008]
Mystic Entertainment [CD, 2009]
Aramesh [CD, 2009]
Half Dead Ganja Music [LP, Remastered, 2013]
Funk Off [CD, 2013]


Anonymous said...

The sound is excellent, I rediscover this record.
Thank you both, Tristan & Axel, real good job. I feel like I am 15 again.
Laurent D.

soundhead said...

Thanks everyone

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