Sunday, October 7, 2012

Various Artists - The Wonderful World Of Glass (Volume One)

Label : Glass Records, UK, 1981
Ripped by Carlo

Tracklist :

A1. Schleimer K - She's Gone
A2. Bron Area - You Would Be Amazed
A3. Ciaran Harte - Johnny Doesn't Need Much
A4. The Legendary Pink Dots - Defeated
A5. Marine Girls - Flying Over Russia
A6. Peter Becker - During Half Sleep
A7. Kevin Harrison - Blinded By Hypnotism
A8. Lemon Kittens - What The Cat Brought In
B1. Where's Lisse? - Red Light
B2. The Tonix - Sex Junk
B3. English Subtitles - Water
B4. Martyn Bates - Nascent Fragrance Of Skin
B5. 3 Way Dance - Praise The Flames
B6. No More - Hypnotised
B7. Clinical Noise - Venus Comes
B8. Religious Overdose - Blow The Back Off It
B9. Richard Formby - Your Name You're Strange


W. said...

I love this record.

Although it is very different from this, I would love to hear Volume 2 again. Can anyone provide a link?

Norman said...

Many thanks, excellent compilation (although the quality is nor so good...). Could you rip in a better quality, please?
Norman P.

Exeter said...


It's been a long time that this record has sat on my shelf....
Thanks for dragging it out for me!