Thursday, October 11, 2012

Various Artists - 2x10"

Label : Empty Records, Germany, 1990
Ripped by Carlo

Tracklist :

A1. Voices In The Distance - Mystryonyt (3 Tap Pan)
A2. Macadam - Tarmac
A3. Karl F. Gerber - His Master's Noise
A4. Kopfschmerztablette - Hanover-Braunschweig
A5. Unanimous Anonymous - Unberechenbar
B1. Wolfgang Foag - SPXmas
B2. PCR - Secrets Of Strangers
B3. Value Stress - Peck Order
B4. Sack - Baby, Baby, Baby
B5. Sack - Gluck, Gluck, Gluck
B6. Sack - Klofrau (Live, Clausthal-Zellefeld 1989)
B7. Sack - Rolle Ohne Klopapier
B8. Sack - Rote Flecken
B9. Jesus Drum - Nicht Geburt
C1. PCR - Lateral Thinking
C2. Doc Wor Mirran - Sex Is Dead
C3. Ampzilla's Delight - The Moloch
C4. Kapotte Muziek + Dead Parliament - Figuratie
D1. De Fabriek - Mediterraneo (Excerpt)
D2. Nostalgie Eternelle - Slow Motion
D3. Mengrad - Neila's Entdeckung
D4. Ditto - But What Is Fear?
D5. Onomatopeia - I Am No Longer Infacted
D6. Onomatopeia - I Thought It Was Because You Were Interested In Me The Human Being


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Where is the download link?

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This compilation is really a good surprise. Thank you!

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i didn't even know about this release until now.

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