Sunday, February 5, 2012

Protection - Untitled

Label : Touch, UK, 1987

Protection is Andrew McKenzie. (That was always unclear if Protection was the name of the artist or the title of the record ; on Touch website the album is now credited to The Hafler Trio though that artist name doesn't appear on the record).
That LP has neved been re-released on CD.

Tracklist :

A. Triptych (16:40)
A1. The Blue Wind
A2. 4 Doors
A3. Painted Faces
B. Bedroom Scene With Hooks (16:42)
B1. Bedroom Scene With Hooks
B2. Making Desperate Sign Language From The Funeral Pyre
B3. The Birthday



soundhead said...

Nice one! Thanks.

Do you have the DSM release "Sonic Deformation" on Alien Artists?

Thought you might.


the mullah said...

I am the copyright owner in the recorded work referenced here: I have never given, nor have I ever been asked to give, permission to include this material in any way in this form.

I would ask, respectfully and politely, that you remove this as soon as possible.

I know that some people find this absurd, even though I have indicated many times my reasons for this publicly. I also have been insulted publicly simply for making my wishes known. I have also seen people try to justify their actions by stating that they are, by posting such material in a manner against my express wishes, that they are 'helping' me, and 'doing me a favour'.

some people do listen, and remove the material - most times, however, it is clear that they do so out of fear of legal action, and not their own conscience.

so. I have a proposal for an alternative situation. if enough people gather together who wish to post this material and *really* help me, I will reciprocate. I and the organisation to which I belong are looking for an agent. details of this can be found at if we are sucessfully provided with one, we will not only pay the person leading us to that situation, but actually give you a release to post as far and wide as you please, with no restrictions. moreover, this will be ONLY available through your channels.

this is a sincere offer, and made in the spirit of genuine desire for co-operation. I will be pleased to answer any questions directed to me away from this channel.

./andrew m. mckenzie
p.p. The Hafler Trio