Friday, October 21, 2011

Various Artists - YHR Volume 1

Cassette, C60
Label : YHR Tapes, UK, 1980
Ripped by Andrew Via

This is the last YHR post for now, compiling tracks from several cassettes released by that label ; an occasion to re-discover those obscure artists. Thanks again to Andrew Via for the rips ! Hopefully some YHR material will be re-released one day...

Tracklist :

A1. MFH - Triptychs (1:02)
A2. MFH - Night Train II (2:57)
A3. This Little Alien - Depths Of Space (3:08)
A4. Andreas Grosser - Yin-Tang (5:06)
A5. Maurizio Bianchi - Cold Tape (Excerpt) (3:06)
A6. DAS - Earthdeath (Excerpt) (10:05)
A7. MFH - N2214 (4:18)
B1. MFH - Interlude I (1:24)
B2. Andrew Cox - Arioch (Excerpt) (3:38)
B3. Nik Lumsden - Round Dance (6:09)
B4. Ping-Pong The Bear - Tropical Christmas (Excerpt) (3:14)
B5. This Little Alien - New Day (3:09)
B6. Andrew Cox - The Bridge At Evening (Excerpt) (4:30)
B7. Andreas Grosser - Inspiration From The Mental Realm (8:33)


Jeff said...

This is a great blog, thank you for the great work. Is there any chance you have Gunter Schickert's YHF tape laying around?

FN said...

David and I will have a solid mfh selection ready soon. Bests!