Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Various Artists - Die Jungen Mechaniker

Label : DTW, Germany
Ripped by Styggelse

Tracklist :

A1. JAR - Tag X (2nd Version)
A2. Le Syndicat - Eskimos
A3. Dr. Strangelove - A Perfect Scene
A4. Pacific 231 - Nibelungen
A5. FâlX cérêbRi - Pavepv Nabodl
A6. Bande Berne Crematoire - Maid To Be Laid
A7. AK AK - Es Tanzen Die Mutanten Und Mutonkel
A8. Robert Charlesworth - Sam's Compass
A9. No Unauthorized - Orgasm Of Pigs
A10. Zewa X - Kal 007 Massacre (Final Words)
A11. Nau Fragio - Alankar
A12. Paul Kelday - Seeds Of Decay That Flourish In The Shadows of Doubt
A13. Fassion Industrie Division (Der Akteur) - Brain Operation (Excerpt)
B1. D.Z. Lectric - Matriciel
B2. Pregroperativistic Movement (Arthur Berkhoff) - Destruktion Fabrikneu
B3. Fem Diriö - Nemon Agbar (Pt 1)
B4. Metalic Fuck - Sucky Day
B5. Der 7. Versuch - /
B6. A.I.Z. - Rouleau Compresseur Mental
B7. Stratis - All Let Slip
B8. Pacific 231 - Radio Mechaniker
B9. Guerra Pagan - Black Metals
B10. Minamata - Wo Sind Sie?
B11. Zewa X - Sistema De Trabajo
B12. Gai Saber & Ichthyosaurus - Teenage Dream
B13. Le Syndicat - The Beating Machine
B14. Robert Charlesworth - Bimini Wall


La Isla Margarita said...

I love your blog!!! is awesome! :D

aram said...

What a cool comp. THANKS! I didn't even know it existed. Now I want to learn more about this mysterious DTW label...