Saturday, September 3, 2011

Various Artists - Garbage Sandwich

2 x Cassette
Label : Beast 666 Tapes, Japan, 1992 / Beast 777, Japan, 2005

Tracklist :

A1. The Boredoms - Body Check #7
A2. UFO Or Die - Smog Men Smoke
A3. Angry Noise Fly - Callin' A-N-F
A4. Silver Magic Machine - Stoogie Boy
A5. Pylamid Suicide - Living In Suicide Home
A6. Electric Toilet Orchestra - E.L.O.
A7. The Fog - Hog Machine
A8. The Fog - TEL 06 328 6425
A9. XXXXXX-Rated - Do-Not-Sex
A10. Space Maggots - I Am Earless Insect
A11. I Can Melt For Shit - Perfect
A12. I Can Melt For Shit - I Will Kill Mistake Man
A13. Miracle Disco Vomit - Machinegun Shopping
A14. Miracle Disco Vomit - All Right
A15. Mechanical Sterility - Body Of Christ
A16. Mechanical Sterility - Vomit In The Streets
A17. Mechanical Sterility - Light My Fire
A18. Psychodrama - I Love My Wife And Kids, And I Go To Church
A19. A Band Called Horse - Honey
A20. The German Shepherds - Cruising With ED SMITH 1965
A21. UFO Or Die - Dead Head Angels
A22. The Boredoms - The 69 69 Box
A23. Mykel Board - My Way
B1. Zeni Geva - Skullfuck
B2. The Boredoms - Bore Bore '90
B3. Anil Melnick - Treasureland
B4. Anil Melnick - 5 Minutes
B5. Bloody Mess & The Skabs - Mammogram Days
B6. Suckdog - Going To Be Married
B7. Lucky Pierre - (I Am) Mariia
B8. Ruins - Onyx
B9. Ruins - Sac
B10. Ruins - Deviant
B11. Ruins - Velocity
B12. Ruins - Stonehenge
B13. The Boredoms - Chainsaw Clinik
B14. The Boredoms - Nice B-O-R-E Guy
B15. Surfers Of Romantica - Bo Bo 67 (Spirit Mix)
B16. Jello Biafra - Under The K-MART Cyanide Sky!
B17. John Trubee - Echo Freak Out Live In Trenton City Gardens, Trenton, N.J. U.S.A. May 23rd 1986
B18. GG Allin & The Bleeding Cunt Seekers - Interior Depths Of GG ALLIN/Beautiful Afterbirth Fucked & Framed
C1. Masonna - Shinsen Na Clitoris (Testicles Mix With Out Takes)
C2. Incapacitants - I Don't Understand Why Mr. S Is Always Busy
C3. The Hanatarash - Retrospective Live Aktion At Kyoto 16 Dec 1984
C4. The Gerogerigegege - Anal Beethoven (88-Mix)
C5. Nihilist Surfin' Group - 1981
C6. Violent Onsen Geisha - Destroy The Disabled Persons Welfare Law!
C7. The Ass Ess - Big Ass
C8. Jojo Hiroshige - Out Club
C9. Masomania - Burn Me Fast
C10. Hijo Kaidan - Fandango (Live)
D1. Smegma - Thank You Goodnight (Recorded Live At X-Ray Cafe, Portland, Oregon 1/19/91)
D2. Smog - Astronaut Suffocating
D3. The German Shepherds - THC (Live)
D4. John Murphy - Father Of Skins - Panik
D5. Freudwerk - Pianographie
D6. The Grey Wolves - Pure Hatred
D7. The Grey Wolves - Victory Through Violence (Live)
D8. Con-Dom - The Road To Total Freedom
D9. Schloss Tegal - Meat Gaze
D10. The Haters - Don't Listen To Me
D11. Zone Void - Paravidya


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