Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Various Artists - "Even Anti-Art Is Art... That Is Why We Reject It."

Label : Statutory Tape, US
Ripped by jx

From Discogs : "This is a collection of tracks from rare 7" vinyl releases. The tracks are taped off the records, and this compilation was released without the knowledge of any of the artists".

Tracklist :

A1. New Blockaders / Organum - Pulp Pt. 1
A2. Whitehouse - Right To Kill
A3. Uncommunity - Brutality Of Fact
A4. John Duncan - Tango Delta
A5. Ramleh - Prossneck
B1. Krang - Never Ending Man Is Meat
B2. Vivenza - Servomecanismes
B3. MB - Genocide Of The Menses
B4. Incapacitants - Inverted Yield Curve