Sunday, August 28, 2011

Various Artists - No Body

Cassette, C30, Single Sided
Label : Beast 666 Tapes, Japan, 1986
Ripped by Styggelse

Tracklist :

A1. The Gerogerigegege with The Dead SPK - Burning Shiohama
A2. The Mormons - Sutra Chanting
A3. Bruno Cossano & Love Song - Slow Agony
A4. Yellowhouse - Untitled / Born In The Nut House
A5. We Never Sleep - Scurfy
A6. The Ponchans - Blakc Marketeering
A7. The Gerogerigegege - Live At Super Loft

1 comment:

Caitlyn / CPI said...

wow wow wow wow! I have been searching for this for almost 13 years.
Thanks to you and Styggelse for this and Dwarf!!!