Monday, August 22, 2011

Various Artists - Kill SPK

Cassette, C46
Label : Beast 666 Tapes, Japan, 1985

It's time for posting some of my favourite Beast 666 Tapes compilations.
The best one is already available here.

Tracklist :

A1. TV Cherubs - Drink Up My Sperm!
A2. Le Syndicat - Suck The Putrefied Kaiser 1
A3. The Boredoms - U.S.A.
A4. Agencement - Uwe
A5. Yellowhouse - The Ideal Of Violence
A6. 40318 - Sonic Fragment
A7. The Hanatarashi - Domination In Spiked Heels
A8. Dead Neubautens - Punky Ma Ma
A9. The Hum - Pig Cunts
B1. Yellowhouse & Le Syndicat - Vaccine
B2. The Hanatarashi - Motor Nerve
B3. The Hum - ?
B4. N.B.N. & Paul Rixon - Lolita My Lover
B5. Le Syndicat - Suck The Putrefied Kaiser 3
B6. Mentalvoid & K - Takatzkasa Körper & Geist
B7. Le Syndicat - Suck The Putrefied Kaiser 5
B8. Kill S.P.K. - Slogan


soundhead said...

Been wanting to hear this for a long time. Thanks as always!


Anonymous said...

So let me get it... this is against SPK the band? ...this came out on '85 when Spk did Metal Dance (amazing track) and the Machine Age Voodoo (superior album) and the legion of the pure felt betrayed by Revell's choice and bla bla bla gne gne gne?? Anyway Spk is my favourite band so i need to listen...