Thursday, November 4, 2010

Various Artists - Perdurabo

Label : Cathexis Recordings, UK, 1988

Tracklist :

A1. A Primary Industry - Watchworld Weal (Remix) (4:02)
A2. The Wolfgang Press - Ecstacy - Instrumental (5:05)
A3. The Legendary Pink Dots - My Baby Likes To Hurt Me (3:21)
A4. Heavenly Bodies - Shades Of Love (3:54)
A5. Band Of Holy Joy - A Glorious Morning In Orton Street (6:06)
A6. Unknow Artist - Untitled (0:49)
B1. Die Bunker - Die Front (4:40)
B2. Heads On Sticks - Coil (5:10)
B3. Attrition - A'dam And Eva (3:24)
B4. Sturm Group - "V" (5:37)
B5. La Muerte - Blues, Heaven Or Hell (6:20)
B6. Unknow Artist - Untitled (1:13)


Music for Songwriters said...

great track list! good work in putting it all together! kudos!

Yyesod9 said...

Hi guy !
thanks for sharing this great work !

W. said...

Fantasic compilation, lots of great tracks and, at the time, great new artists to follow.

You gave us "Fight" a few days ago, now this; is this going to be a run of classic compilations?

Do you have "Rumponia"?

Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

i can't expand the download.....

W. said...

I didn't have a problem - and I'm no expert.

Try again, do something different - it's worth perservering with because it a great record.

Good luck.

tristan.koreya said...

hi all, thanks for the comments.
@W. Rumponia is available here :

W. said...

You're a Star - Thank You!

W. said...

Do you of the "Walking After Midnight" compilation or "Shadow & Substance - The Wonderful World Of Glass Vol.2"?

Tony said...

All download links are dead! Any new link?

Anna Olszewska said...

reupload ?

Anonymous said...

I 2nd a re-upload. Never heard of this release and really what to have it.