Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Gerogerigegege - Untitled

Cassette, C30
Label : ZSF Produkt, Japan, 1985

Very first cassette by mythical duo The Gerogerigegege, on Merzbow label.

Tracklist :

A1. Dysuria (6:47)
A2. Rosalind Bruno (1:44)
A3. Y.Vonne (3:56)
B1. Tokyoite (4:33)
B2. Gwendolyn (1:20)
B3. Voracious (9:06)


Anonymous said...

this tape reminds me of a story -

in the early 90s i didn't know any who were into weird music, noise, cassettes, etc. so i was surprised and happy when one day an unknown guy rang my doorbell. he presented himself as an arts exchange student from south africa. he had asked around here (copenhagen, denmark) for somebody with similar tastes and got my address from a guy i knew at a record shop. so we talked and i found him quite sympathetic, i had recently read an article about oppression of experimental music in s.a. so i thought i could relate. he was especially interested in japanese noise and seeing this tape on the table asked if he may loan it. ok sure, but then he suddenly had to leave so he gave me his address which was conveniently just around the corner. a week went by and i rang the bell, nobody home. this repeated a lot, and finally i got hold of the woman he said he was lodging at. she never heard of the guy or had anyone else staying. and i never heard from him again. so if you're out there mr. "artist" -

i want my gerogerigegege tape back!

El Topo said...

A pray in memoriam of Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson † 27 february 1955 • 24 november 2010 †

Anonymous said...

i love your blog! can you please re-up the "COLLECTIF & CIE,AMEG CD - COMPILATION MUSIQUES ELECTROACOUSTIQUE". the link is dead. i'd love to get a rip of it. thank you.

Santiago said...

can this item pls be re-up? ty.