Friday, September 3, 2010

Big City Orchestra - Bob Hope's Fruit Loop Special

Cassette, C60
Label : audiofile Tapes, US, 1986
Ripped by Wackelpeter

Those who follow that blog know that Big City Orchestra is one of my favourite bands. And I'm not the only one who like them... Wackelpeter has ripped some of their cassettes that will be posted here during the whole month of September and maybe more. Many thanks to him for the hard work !
More Big City Orchestra here :
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Magnetic Personality [Cassette]
Massacre Of The Innocents [Cassette]
Mile After Mile [Cassette]
Misterioso [MP3]
Our Life In The Bush Of Kate [Cassette]
Parade Of Idiots [Cassette]
Progressive Composition [MP3]
Signals And Code [MP3]
So Much Quicker Than Tomorrow [Cassette]
Sound Effects Library Vol. 14 [MP3]
Subito [MP3]
The Beatlerape [CD]
The Consumer [CD]
The Four Cassettes Of The Apocalypse [CD]
The Man Of Steal [Cassette]
Things Fall Down [MP3]
Trail Of Destruction [Cassette]
Trixxy Pixxy [MP3]
Tryst 7 [Cassette, Split W/ The Legendary Pink Dots]
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Art Of Losing said...

Nice september to come, thank you both Nostalgie and Wackelpeter.

Arto Flosing said...

Again me. Allready one of my favourite ! Many many thanks.
Requests for rip to come : Wackelpeter, is it possible for you to scan the covers entirely (whith tracklist + infos) ? T.K., will you able to add them in the zip folder ?
Thank you guys.

tristan.koreya said...

thank you for your comments Laurent !
about your request : i dont upload the folders myself as i'm posting the links sent by Wackelpeter ; the scans aren't always included but you can find them on Discogs (we both are longtime Discogs contributors).

Anonymous said...

@art of losing... maybe i'll scan all the covers in one step in better quality as they appear in discogs... but for the first time use the info from discogs... the tracks in the folfers are named and indexed...

the first 13 tapes are done 10 waiting and 6 i'm not sure if i'll rip them as they are still available somewhere...

maybe i'm going to rip the few tapes that are already posted but unindexed again... as far as i remember these were the man of steal and massacre again tape

xrt xf Lxsxng said...

Don't mind I've downloaded the cover on discog and it's ok for me.

ynynymyys said...

@art of losing who stole your vowels?

Art O'Flosing said...

I think it's the instruction for use the sound effect library. Another goodie isn't it ?

Absolute Ruler said...

nice job @ both of you (TK/WP)

El Topo said...

Many thanks again for all.
I love BCO!
Alex T - El Topo

Conscious Johnson said...

THANK YOU Nostalgie and Wackelpeter for the considerable effort of ripping and scanning these. You must have some brilliant system b/c I can barely manage a tape per fiscal quarter myself. I have lived too many years on Four Cassettes, Everyman and Beatlerape...what BCO I have found on the whebb so far is still more titillating by half.