Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wicked Messenger - Black Tourmaline

Label : Plague Recordings, Belgium, 2008
Limited edition of 150 copies

Many thanks to Fré for that rip !
Limited deluxe edition featuring a smartly silkscreened disc housed in a black c-shell case + sticker + a bag of black Ceylon tea (each with a hand-numbered black label), all packed in a square black, wax-sealed, envelope.
"Black Tourmaline" was recorded during the Easter week of 2007 and is the result of sound researches and experiments with the electric guitar. Only few non-guitar sounds (electronics & voices) were added. It's a oneness... monolithic, darker and unfriendlier than its predecessor "The River Disappeared Sidewards". Despite the black nature of this recording - sticky and nasty like tar - it is still very contemplative and truly mesmerising. A 2008 ambient Grand Cru !

Tracklist :

1. I (10:22)
2. II (7:49)
3. III (10:33)
4. IV (5:14)
5. V (16:24)


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