Monday, August 16, 2010

Kopfschmerztablette - Promo Track

Promo Track

Many thanks to Michael Wurzer for that great track !
More Kopfschmerztablette and Michael Wurzer here, here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

tristan please find here the bco baobab tape some more coming soon

cheers b.

Anonymous said...

examples from drew dobbs aka robo from his bco's 30th anniversary show at wfmu with some great unreleased tunes

next will be so much dancing then nothing... so long

Anonymous said...

okay here's one of my other favourite bco tapes

bt. noticed that i poted an baobab link some time ago... a my notebook struck some weeks before and i decided to digitalize all my bco tapes some day i made a new recording... maybe it's a bit better quality... just check

tristan.koreya said...

many thanks for those rips ! i'll post them soon one by one...

angel said...

riding the rider in the last off summer
my dick running in my pants
always survive they say

- da ya kna ya gat a way ?
she said.

I saw the sky
I heard my stomac
my sex and my balls

they grey walls all around me seeming like just walls af nigger thoughts

should die, i said

the angel was carrying pictures of genesis p O
"stay with us" he said
we could have plans for ya

I was born on the 9 of october 1972

that's hole

hey bulldog (beatles) said...

ringo starr said...

thanks for all the muzak on ya blag


everybody loves you mabell said...

have a good time

Anonymous said...

ok next one:
mind of evil

Anonymous said...

and the last for today
sounders a herd of

tristan.koreya said...

many thanks once again ! that's gonna be a great series of posts...

Alex T - El Topo said...

God bless you for these new BCO posts!
I'm a geat fan of BCO, but I'm from Italy and I never had a chance to see them live.
It would be nice to see them at WROCLAW INDUSTRIAL FESTIVAL, in Poland.
Thanks again for all.
Alex T - El Topo