Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Various Artists - Testament

5 x 7"
Label : RRR, US, 1988
Ripped by Rainier

Tracklist :

A1. Zbigniew Karkowski - Under The Spell Of Zombie Agressor
A2. Leif Elggren - Ventilation (The Homecoming)
B1. Kent Tankred - Razim II (Bypass)
B2. Phauss - In Search For The Gold, 1st Suite : Hell Rain In Paradise
B3. Phauss - In Search For The Gold, 2nd Suite : Conversation With Norwegian Horse Whores
C1. Rune Lindblad - Death Struggle
C2. Rune Lindblad - Toten Kampf
C3. Rune Lindblad - Dodskamp
D1. Jane Studer - The Listening Room
E1. Agog - Seven Stiple Inoculation
F1. Gum - Okefenokee
G1. Voice Crack - Sharky Delight
G2. Voice Crack - Rugged Voice
H1. Nachtluft - Transition
H2. Appi - Haben Sie Kopfschmerzen
I1. Lieutenant Caramel - Homage Au Fuetre
J1. Cranioclast - ...While Walking Down The Street


Exeter said...

I once had the opportunity to visit Ron himself at RRRecords in Lowell, MA. I think I bought this box set right at the store; if not, then through mail order.. but I did buy a bunch of stuff that day. This has one of the greatest ever tracks by Cranioclast, and some very interesting other things. You'll love it!

william valentin said...


None of the links work (the file is not there).
Is there any chance for a reupload?
That would be greatly appreciated!