Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Grief - Huis Clos

Cassette, C40
Label : Les Nourritures Terrestres, France, 1987
Ripped by paphio23

That cassette contains three tracks from The Grief untitled cassette (Les Nourritures Terrestres - NT16) and was sold with some copies of "Huis Clos" boxset. The experimental side of the band...

Tracklist :

A1. Sharon Lipschutz (4:45)
A2. Oncle Déglingué Au Connecticut (13:05)
B. Jolie Ma Bouche, Verts Mes Yeux (19:25)


RA said...

there are any chance to get also "La Boucherie Sera Fermée Mercredi Après-Midi Et Jeudi Toute La Journée" and "Live, Bien Avant La Mort"?

Yyesod9 said...

Thank for this tape !
little by little I'm going to complete my the grief collection !! :-)

christophe said...

bravo pour ces posts
aurais tu "nonobstant le cagoulisme" disponible nulle part?

Anonymous said...

Many thanx for the The Grief tapes! I also wrote to Norscq, in the hope it was possible to get my hands on the old cassettes by The Grief. It was meant that they were re-released on vinyl this year by Vinyl On Demand, but it looks like this project is cancelled. So thank you again for these postings. If you could get your hands on the two remaining tapes mentioned above, that would be great!

tristan.koreya said...

thanks for the messages.
i'm trying to locate "La Boucherie" and "Live" cassettes (as well as NT16 untitled cassette) and hopefully i will be able to post them in the next few months...
"Nonobstant Le Cagoulisme" will be the next post.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with searching for the missing The Grief tapes. I hope you will succeed. And before I forget: my compliments for your excellent blog!

Bondurant2001 said...

Thanks Tristan,

Here's a link to the Nourritures terrestres Mail-order catalogue, around 1992-1993 (Daedalus just released). Sorry it's a bit dark as it was scanned from a photocopied issue of the catalogue.
Hoping everyone will enjoy !

tristan.koreya said...

many thanks for that great archive !