Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stress - The Big Wheel

Mini LP
Label : Adventures In Reality, UK, 1985

After having released several cassettes, Stress contributed a beautiful track, "The Prayer Clock", on "Life At The Top" compilation LP, in 1984. The following year was released "The Big Wheel", their first and last vinyl release. Wonderful synth-pop.

Tracklist :

A1. The Big Wheel (3:42)
A2. Elizabeth Selwyn (5:02)
A3. Get The Most (5:05)
B1. Slaves To Beat (3:38)
B2. No Sane Alternative (5:30)
B3. The Price You Pay (5:03)


Choking on Cufflinks said...

Thanks!!!! I'm a big fan of their track on "Compulsory Overtime," and I've been looking for their lp.

Victor said...

Many Thanks Too: No Sane Alternative was my favourite during the eigthies!

Anonymous said...

The Big Wheel LP should be reissued on Russian Label Other Voices in 2012

Alan Rider

Anonymous said...

Buy STRESS - The Big Wheel CD (with 7 bonus tracks) and Cassette directly from the label