Saturday, June 6, 2009

blackhumour - two women : san francisco 1988

Cassette, C60
Label : SPH, Portugal, 1992

"in june 1988, blackhumour travelled with g.x. jupitter-larsen from vancouver to san francisco to perform on a bill with amk/gx and the haters at the now-defunct 455 gallery, as part of blackhumour's entropy in action series of live audio performances.
during that visit, blackhumour conducted a series of interviews with young women working in one of the tenderloin's higher-class massage establishments, women who shared generously their unique voices with bh. these interviews were used as primary source material for penetration (harsh reality music, 1990). several sketches using that material were also done at this time, among them a series of extended audio-portraits using techniques developed during the recording of breathing like marcel (corrosive tapes, 1987). those familiar with these works should recognize some shared themes.

blackhumour audio uses found object human voice, analog and digital editing only. no effects; no reverb. no speed- or back-masking."

Tracklist :

A. Tangie
B. Sharon

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