Saturday, May 2, 2009

Various Artists - Compulsory Overtime

Label : Dasein, UK, 1985

On that compilation, it looks like Bourbonese Qualk, The Legendary Pink Dots and Stress are lost among punk bands. Their three tracks, each one in his own style, are very great.
The Legendary Pink Dots' "A Message From Our Sponsor" track is version 1. A very different version was released the same year on the "Asylum" 2LP. That version 1 was later re-released on "Stained Glass Soma Fountains" 2CD, but it sounds like it's a different mix and the LP version is a bit longer. Anyway, a wonderful track !

Tracklist :

A1. Abuse - Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong (2:35)
A2. Blood Robots - Black (3:40)
A3. Bourbonese Qualk - Call To Arms (7:35)
A4. The Legendary Pink Dots - A Message From Our Sponsor (3:35)
A5. Legion Of Parasites - Promises (2:10)
A6. Oi Polloi - Thugs In Uniform (3:19)
A7. Oi Polloi - Never Give In (2:42)
A8. Poison Cookie - The Peoples Court (1:00)
B1. Political Asylum - Symptom (3:03)
B2. Political Asylum - The Responsibility (4:05)
B3. Reality Control - Sugar And Spice (3:35)
B4. Reality Control - The Law (3:38)
B5. S.A.S. - Accident (1:11)
B6. S.A.S. - Scapegoats (1:44)
B7. Stress - Tear It Down (7:06)
B8. The Smashcords - The Halloween Song (2:06)
B9. Existenz - White Dope (3:17)


Dualtrack said...

This one's a keeper! Thanks!

W. said...

Great to get a chance to revisit this. I bought it when it came out for the LPD track and found the others were not my kind of thing. Now I can reveiw those neglected tracks.


justin said...

Worth it for the SAS tracks alone. Thanx for your time and energy putting this out there.