Saturday, March 28, 2009

Various Artists - Plow!

Label : Organik, Switzerland, 1985

Not exactly the kind of music I generally put on that blog...
A No Wave / post-No Wave compilation. A forgotten classic, containing several songs that are true anthems (I let you decide which ones). No more no less.

Tracklist :

A1. Sonic Youth & Lydia Lunch - Death Valley 69 (5:59)
A2. Copulation - Delenda Cartago (3:51)
A3. Swans - I Crawled (5:42)
A4. Hit By A Truck - Crash '84 (4:01)
A5. Dressed Up Animals - Love Does Not Remain (3:29)
B1. Wiseblood - Cough 'N' Kill (5:37)
B2. Abt. 409 - Abnor-Cha (4:00)
B3. Live Skull - Flake Out (3:19)
B4. Eiger Nordwand - Dummheit (4:42)
B5. Christian Marclay - Pandora's Box (2:55)


V. R. said...

Thanks for this. Fantastic compilation! Do you, by chance, have "Kittystra Quatre" by The Grief? I heard a lot that album on my teens, but never got to hear it again.

Oh, and you're welcome at my blog:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!!

tristan.koreya said...

yes V. R., i have "Kittystra Quatre" and other The Grief classics that i will post in the future...

W. said...

Thanks for this, much appreciated!

ніколи інколи said...

Can you put a new link?