Thursday, March 12, 2009

Various Artists - "La Propriété, C'Est Le Vol"

Cassette, C90
Label : Post-Brutal, Sweden, 1991
Ripped by Mantraitor

Tracklist :

A1. Deaf Goes East - Big Lack
A2. Sigillum S - Neurolytick Massive Bride
A3. Deleted - Buto 3
A4. Virus - Out Of Reach
A5. The Dead Goldfish Ensemble - Softly
A6. Alvars Orkester - Joha Viki
A7. Hi Tech Pagodas - The First Stage
A8. Hybryds - Storm (Remix)
A9. A Band Of Steves - Beats
A10. Enema & Gejonte - Alla Vi Som Knarkar Har Starka Band
A11. White Stains - The Result (Extended Mix)
A12. Hippies Back To India - Trash In The Street
B1. Etat Des Stocks - Rough State
B2. The Dead Goldfish Ensemble - Second Scene
B3. Hippies Back To India - Fuck The Reunification
B4. Alvars Orkester - Inka Bodd
B5. Hi Tech Pagodas - Gypsy Moth
B6. Deleted - Buto 2
B7. Sigillum S - Lysergia Sodomy
B8. Virus - A Man Of Letters
B9. Hippies Back To India / Machinetool - Phantom Signals
B10. Cruel When Complete - Jess Sees The Light
B11. Enema & Gejonte - Have You Got The Stomach 2

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