Friday, March 14, 2008

PBK - Domineer / Asesino! / Retro

3 x LP
Label : RRR, US, 1992
Ripped by Trantor

That great boxset compiled previously unreleased material (Domineer), an early cassette (Asesino!) and tracks from various sources (Retro).
More recently, a CD ("A Noise Supreme, Early Solo Works 1986-89") and a 3xCD boxset ("Retro") containing early PBK material have been released in very limited quantities.
Try there :
A1. Domineer (4:58)
A2. Auto-Da-Fé (4:46)
A3. Honour And Desire (5:57)
A4. Labyrinth (6:05)
B1. New Era (Pts. 1 & 2) (5:55)
B2. Condemned Man (5:11)
B3. Fin De Siècle (2:38)
B4. Sacrilege (5:19)
B5. Malatesta (3:01)

C1. 6:58 (6:53)
C2. 8:16 (8:14)
C3. 7:10 (6:42)
D1. 7:05 (7:09)
D2. 9:06 (9:08)
D3. 4:56 (5:01)
D4. Spoken Excerpt (0:27)

E1. Mekano (11:00)
E2. Untitled (5:02)
E3. Concupiscence (5:36)
F1. Untitled (8:06)
F2. Process (13:12)

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PBK said...

PBK here... For those interested, you may purchase these LP's from me personally, I have re-packaged the final remaining copies of them(8 sets total, only 5 left- limited signed & numbered editions) and they can be purchased at my blog site, The Sound Genetic:

There are also free album downloads there:

-PBK & Vidna Obmana- Depression And Ideal (noise ambient)
-PBK-The Mescaline Tracks (psychedelic electronica)
-PBK-Headmix (electronica)
-4/4 Quartet-Ode To Sony'r (jazz/rock freenoise fusion)
-De Fenestra w/PBK & Guillermo Gregorio(Hat Art Recording Artist)-Chicago Pieces (free jazz fusion)
-Acclimate-Dreams Into Dust (industrial drone)

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