Monday, March 3, 2008

Greater Than One - Duty And Trust

Cassette, C60
Label : ROIR, US, 1991
Ripped by Trantor

Early recordings showing the ambient and darkest side of Greater Than One.

A1 & A2 are previously unreleased.
A3 previously released on "Dance Of The Coward" CD.
A4 previously released on "Dry Lungs III" compilation LP.
A5 previously released on "Insomnia Vol. 2" compilation 2xCassette.
A6 previously released on "Insomnia Vol. 2" compilation 2xCassette & "Dance Of The Coward" CD.
B1 previously released as "Trust" LP (We Never Sleep / Alamut Records).

Reissues of Greater Than One classics are supposed to come soon :

Tracklist :

A1. Deep Shake (7:09)
A2. Liberation (6:41)
A3. Brick Lane (2:26)
A4. The Dark Streets of London (5:42)
A5. The Rose, The Cross & The Flag (5:50)
A6. Crisis (3:02)
B. Trust (32:15)


Capa Nostra said...

Thanks for sharing this one and specially for uploading controlled bleeding - death in a cameroon, i was so long looking for that album, amazing ! Great blog you have here.

Added to mine.


Anonymous said...

CD release is coming soon - completely mastered.

noise-g said...

thank you very much, very good release, respect. :)

Anonymous said...

Real cool release. Thanks!