Friday, November 20, 2020

The Murmurous Playground - Somber Fuss Experiments

Label : Nostalgie De La Boue [ndlb#152], Ivory Coast, 2020

The Murmurous Playground is a Portuguese collective/community, a cluster of musicians, visual and sound artists that share a workplace/studio, unleashing experimental works of every kind, with no aim and without boundaries.
Their debut work evolved as an ambiental and experimental album, "Somber Fuss Experiments" (2018). This album offers manipulated acoustic guitars, extremely reverberated spaces, tape effects, drone tibetan cup and other vibrating instruments, oscillation with synths, odd pianos, field recording soundscapes, loops and noises.
In addition to the original "Somber Fuss Experiments" album, "Pins" and "Décoller" were added as bonus tracks.

Tracklist :

1. Queue To Die (4:46)
2. The Craving (5:52)
3. Goodbye (Nasty Little Friend) (3:46)
4. Down In The Mouth (5:04)
5. Painstacking Filth (3:40)
6. Painstacking Filth (Overcast) (1:51)
7. Leaden Bridge I (0:57)
8. Aldreu's Shimmering Plates (3:01)
9. Leaden Bridge II (0:38)
10. Pins (4:10)
11. Décoller (9:00)

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Nice write up, will give it a listen. Thanks!