Sunday, April 5, 2020

Various Artists - Danses Macabres

Cassette, C60
Label : Headkleaner, France, 1989
Ripped by Jérôme Roemer / Provided by Mors Mea

Tracklist :

A1. Deaf Goes East - How It Lumbered Mystically
A2. The Detective - Hunted By The Hunted
A3. Hermaphrodisiak - Black Guardians
A4. L'Edars A Moth - Die Ramme
A5. Nostalgie Eternelle - The Way Out
A6. Likid Wesel - Une Souris Verte
A7. In Aeternam Vale - Wasted B
A8. Les Sucettes Acides - The Witchbeat
B1. J.A.J. Entreprise - Danse Macabre
B2. The Detective - Blood On Glass
B3. Random Confusion - The Waiting Room 810
B4. Laurent Fauconnet - La Danse Du Crabe
B5. X Ray Pop - Mac Habres
B6. Lisa Suckdog & Jean-Louis Costes - If I Die, If I Cry
B7. Danse Macabre - Hold Me

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Ailleurs said...

Merci Jérome et merci au blog Nostalgie de la boue. Je découvre le label Headkleaner. Superbe Label.